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Durkin Physio+ will assess and diagnose the cause of your pain or movement dysfunction and find the most effective way to alleviate it, whilst helping to prevent reoccurrence.

Durkin Physio+ delivers bespoke rehabilitation and treatments. Lydia believes on sharing different ideas and clinical experience across professions, therefore, works with a community of physiotherapists, osteopaths, and strength & conditioning trainers to help deliver optimal treatments for your need. 

Physiotherapy can help with a number of issues, including: 

  • Sports injuries

  • Strains & sprains

  • Post surgery rehabilitation

  • Back & neck pain

  • Whiplash

  • Work related injuries (RSI)

  • Joint pain & arthritis

  • Pre & post natal care

  • Concussion


Durkin Physio+ treatments may include: 

  • Rehabilitation services

  • Manual therapy

  • Biomechanical assessments

  • Mobilisation & manipulation of joints

  • Taping

  • Exercise prescription


Durkin Physio+ provides individualised soft tissue therapy to improve movement, muscle function and promote recovery. Treatments are designed for every level from competitive athletes to those experiencing problems from sedentary work.

Soft Tissue Therapy (sports massage) aims to aid recovery, enhance performance, and prevent injury. Therapy addresses problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. This can mean anything from muscular fatigue, chronic pain, to helping breakdown scar tissue post injury. It is extremely effective in highlighting muscular imbalance as well as managing the aftermath of trauma.

Soft tissue therapy is valuable during preparation and recovery phases of your sport or physical activity. It is also often recommended after or in conjunction with physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic treatment in the rehabilitation of injuries.


Injury prevention
Prevention is better than cure. Soft tissue therapy can enhance body awareness; detect scar tissue and trigger points, which could lead to injury. Early identification allows for early treatment and enables you to fine tune your training to avoid over-compensation or problems developing.

Optimise Recovery and Rehabilitation
Treatment can promote circulation, stimulate the nervous system, boost recovery, and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMs).

Optimum RECOVERY = Enhanced training POTENTIAL = Improved training QUALITY.


Scar Tissue
Unfortunately from time to time injuries occur. Fibrous adhesion will heal with rest, however fibres can often misalign during the healing process. A build up of scar tissue may reduce muscle and fascia strength and length. Soft tissue therapy can work to break down scar tissue, so enhance muscle function and range of movement.


Ideally soft tissue therapy will form part of your training regime. It is typically used before, during and after events.


Pre-event treatment can work with your warm up to either stimulate or relax you. Not everyone responds in the same way to massage, so it’s best to try a session during your training to see what suits you.


Inter-event treatment can help maximise performance throughout an event. This can benefit both endurance athletes during a very long race, or in-between multiple short events.


Post-event treatment can work with your cool down to reduce DOMs and aid recovery.

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Sports Massage
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